Jesse Golden

Jesse Golden is an inspiration. To watch her move. To her your story. To observe the way she shines her light on everyone around her. Jesse Golden is a dancer. She is a yogi. She is a mother. She is an entrepreneur. If you are not already, follow Jesse Golden and you life will be brighter for it.

Balandra Bay Exploring

We got to Balandra Bay at sunrise – and it was already 80 degrees. The sun air is dry. Cool blue water is paradise. Looks like this place would get busy on the weekend but we’re here on a weekday, at sunrise and we’re the only ones on the beach. Its magic.

Vintage Swim

With stylist Jenn Edelson, we planned a simple swim-cap based concept to shoot with Daniella Smith at the beach and in the water is on a standup paddle board. However, the wind picked up quickly preventing us from doing more than one look in the ocean. But we made use of the daylight and played in the open shade enjoying the summer weather.

Dust in the Wind

Anna Herrin is a yogi. Technically Anna is a second generation yogi. Her mother is a yoga teacher and she is now a certified yoga teacher as well. While on location in the sand dunes for a lookbook shoot with Benitinis Swimwear, we shot some setup images to paint the story of a girl living wild and free in the desert.

Portrait of a Gypsy

Granddaughter of renown French actor, Alain Delon, Aly is a naturally beautiful model and up and coming actress. Gowing up in France with an affinity for the sea, her comfort, and appreciation of being at the shoreline was obvious. We spent the morning on a beautiful empty beach in Malibu where the fresh sea air and the rhythm of gently…

Desert Hot Springs

Its not easy to get there. Multiple hour drive including a 7 mile dirt road section followed by a couple hour hike over steep, often loose rocks. Being in the high desert, its often too hot or too cold. While we were there it rained and the wind chill was no joke. However there were moments of sunlight and lots…

Hitching a Ride Down the PCH

Amazingly this was out first ever trip to Ojai. I’ve heard about it for years. We both had. We know people that live there. Received multiple invites to visit prior. But somehow this was out first. We have been missing out! I left my heart in Ojai We hitch hiked up the PCH stoping at Thornhill Sand dune along the…

Windy March Sunday

Daniella and I ran down to the beach this evening to experiment with shooting on the sand in the wind storm. I put my camera in a water housing to protect it from the sand. Worked pretty well. Also experimented with some slower shutter speeds trying to capture the movement of the sand. Ended up with lots of sand in…

Mount Baldy

10,600+ feet of elevation is enough to bring a lot of horizon into view so I brought my camera along as I climbed Mt Baldy with 14 friends, part of a fundraiser for a Charity which helps amputees and PTSD veterans summit some of the worlds highest peaks. Early Morning It was cold. The portapotty line was over 50 people…