About James Arthur

“For me shooting is a walking meditation in the art of being present and appreciative. Every time I pick up a camera, my intention is to see the magic of the moment while having fun creating art that hopefully does justice to the pricelessness of these fleeting experiences we call life.  — James Arthur”

Gifted a Canon AE-1 at age 9,  James Arthur began developing an eye for photography early. As a teenager he moved from Southern California to the North Shore of Oahu to surf, sail and free dive. Greatly influenced by surf photography and fine-art landscape painting in Hawaii, James became keenly interested in documenting the beauty of the natural environment and creating awareness of the fragility of these eco-systems. Today James Arthur lives with his wife and muse Daniella Smith and their 11 year old toy poodle “Star” on a vintage sail boat dubbed “SV Mermaid Research”. A lifelong sailor with aspirations to eventually circumnavigate, in addition to coastal cruising to all the local islands, James Arthur regularly collaborates with brands and other photographers using SV Mermaid Research as mobile studio or location for photoshoots.