Balandra Bay Exploring

We got to Balandra Bay at sunrise – and it was already 80 degrees. The sun air is dry. Cool blue water is paradise. Looks like this place would get busy on the weekend but we’re here on a weekday, at sunrise and we’re the only ones on the beach. Its magic.

Desert Hot Springs

Its not easy to get there. Multiple hour drive including a 7 mile dirt road section followed by a couple hour hike over steep, often loose rocks. Being in the high desert, its often too hot or too cold. While we were there it rained and the wind chill was no joke. However there were moments of sunlight and lots…

Hitching a Ride Down the PCH

Amazingly this was out first ever trip to Ojai. I’ve heard about it for years. We both had. We know people that live there. Received multiple invites to visit prior. But somehow this was out first. We have been missing out! I left my heart in Ojai We hitch hiked up the PCH stoping at Thornhill Sand dune along the…

Neverland Catalina Adventure

We sailed to Catalina on a Thursday and returned on a Sunday.  Leaving Marina del Rey just before sunrise at 5:30 am, there was little to no wind and lots of fog on the way there which forced us to motor sail most of the way.  However the calm conditions provided an easy sail with multiple dolphin and whale sighting as we passed Palos Verde and set out across the channel.